Australian pokies whats next

What is next for the Australian pokies? Evolution is apparent in most walks of life; just some show it far more rapidly than others. The earth itself has taken millions upon millions of years to evolve, whereas in recent years technology has been evolving at mammoth speed. It was not long ago when your own television set was the size of a crater, whereas now it is simply the size of a picture frame.

The same jump in technological advancement has also helped our favourite Australian pokies. Rather than having to put up with the same selection of pokies available to us in the local casinos, and pubs, the internet revolution allowed a new take on the poker machines to be born, and with that none of us ever seemed to look back.australian pokies

Australian pokies whats next

From the first introductions of the original online casinos, you could always tell that they were going to offer us something special. Always at the forefront of the latest technological releases, the casinos offered us, and still do, the best in gaming graphics out there, as well as guaranteed smooth game play, and exciting in play games when you hit those scatters.

With the desktop and laptop computers becoming just as normal to us in Australia as a toothbrush, the casinos were soon to evolve on to tablet devices and mobile phones that could play the pokies. What we are a seeing now is a continuation to this trend, and a powerful performance in what the online casinos have to offer us on the devices we love to use whilst we are on the move. With more pokies being released by the month for both the tablet and mobile casinos, expect to find the same enjoyment on your moveable devices that you would expect whilst sitting at home on your laptop.

Australian Pokies strategy

How to strategise when playing the Australian pokies: No matter what anyone says to you, none of the pokies, whether based in Australian land based casinos, or online casinos, or mobile casinos, can be beaten with a skill strategy as in other casino games. With blackjack of course, there is the famous card counting element. This was the only method that the casinos felt threatened by, and due to this have as much as possible eradicated its usage. At an online casino this method is null and void. Also with roulette, the element of skill here is slightly different, unlike blackjack which can actually give you a clear advantage. Roulette simply offers you the chance to amend your own odds, but then there is still no guarantee of a win.

With the online pokies, or any of the land based pokies you enjoy in Australia, there is simply no guide on how to beat the Australian pokies machine. The best form of trying to win is simply to follow a systematic betting method. Rather than constantly raising and lowering your betting stake, just pick the same stake throughout so you have a constant. This will allow you to enjoy the pokies as you play them, as well as giving yourself more time to hit a winning streak.

When either entering a casino in Australia, or playing the Australian pokies online, stick to a specific amount of money that you are happy to gamble with. If you have a specific number in mind, this will prevent you from ever over spending. It also allows you to work out what your betting size should be and how many pay lines you wish to play. Remember, if you double your money, always cash in on your original deposit, and then use the same technique again.