Australian pokies the only casino game

The Australian pokies, the only casino game for you to play!

All casinos offer a variation of games for you to enjoy, ranging from table games, to card games, to slot machines. The slot machines are more commonly known in Australia as pokies, and are the focal point of Australian casinos. Why you may ask? Well that is actually quite simple to explain. Let’s start with the other casino games that we are offered in Australia.

Australian pokies the only casino game

First up are the casino table games. These are more commonly known to us as games such as blackjack and roulette, and are games fundamentally focussing on the element of odds and probabilities. People may believe they obtain an edge over the house as they effectively can make their own choices, however, always remember that the house always holds the advantage in terms of probabilities. The other casino games we would be accustomed to seeing in a casino would be poker, but this can depend on the buy in amounts as well as the general quality on show to how much you will enjoy the game.

Finally, the slot machines, but as I said earlier, more commonly known to us in Australia as the pokies. The pokies offer us something different. There is no game of cat and mouse as there can be playing blackjack with the dealer. The pokies are there to offer enjoyment. Small bet sizes let you carry on playing for far longer than any other casino game. Then if you do hit the jackpot, unlike any other casino game on offer, the pokies can let you win hundreds of thousands from a bet size less than a single dollar. With no other casino game offering you anywhere near the excitement of that in Australia, or even the world, you can quickly see the pokies are the game for you.

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