How should Australian Pokies be played

How should Australian Pokies be played?

Everyone has different theories with regards to how the Australian pokies should be played, or some people point out ‘attacked’. In truth, the idea of attacking the Australian pokies really has no substance in the slightest. There is little to suggest that depositing a particular amount at such and such a game will produce any significant wins, or even losses in that matter. Always bear in mind, that what you pay into the Australian pokies does not necessarily come back out. There really is no secret method to winning at the Australian pokies.

Using a different aspect of gaming at the pokies though might assist you. This revolves around looking after your initial deposit amount which in turn will maximise your winning potential at the online pokies. Always try and stick to a particular betting size. Find an amount that you are comfortable with and use that. This way you will always have a similar playing pattern. The key is to be as constant as possible. So if you find you should be on a losing streak, do not go crazy trying to win back your initial loss. Instead try and build up your chips in a steady fashion. The Australian pokies will not pay out every day, and a brand new day could bring a whole new outcome.

You will notice that sometimes when you are playing the Australian pokies, you start getting some rapid pokie wins clustered together. This is quite a common theme, and if you feel you have enough in your existing stack of chips, you could try increasing your bet size for a few hands to see if the reels are hot. If you find you have a couple of bad spins, then go back to the original bet size.

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